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11 heroic police dogs and what they’ve been up to this month

We think they need celebrating

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

We love all dogs here at TeamDogs but these courageous working dogs have an extra-special place in our hearts.

Along with their trusted handlers, they work extremely hard to help keep us safe and get dangerous criminals off the streets, and they locate evidence that officers might have otherwise not found.

What would we do without them?

We think they deserve recognition for their tremendous efforts which is why every month we’ll be highlighting what some of these brave dogs have been up to.

From detaining suspects to locating missing people, here are 11 police dogs who need celebrating.

1.Drugs found by PD Pablo

While our police officers might have what you could describe as a copper’s nose, there’s no beating the nose of their canine colleagues.

PD Pablo is proof of this after he located a stash of cannabis while searching a car stopped by Essex Police in the Chelmsford area. 

After being deployed to search the vehicle, Pablo was able to find the drugs concealed somewhere that no officer would have found.

Great find PD Pablo!

2.Suspect caught by PD Bonnie

Just when a suspect thought he had got away, along came PD Bonnie.

After an excellent containment, Bonne tracked through woodland into a cul de sac and then subsequent gardens where she located discarded property, but that is not all. She also tracked down the suspect who had tried to make off by attempting to order a taxi.

Fab job Bonnie!

3.Dangerous offender caught by PD Xanto

When reports came in of a male in possession of a knife, it was down to PD Xanto and his eagle-eyed handler to track him down, and that they did after he made off into a busy residential area.

But...no knife was found on the suspect, but that was not an issue when Xanto is on the case.

One knife recovered and one mile in custody.

Xanto to the rescue!

4.You can’t hide from PD Red

Following the pursuit of a suspected stolen vehicle which the driver abandoned and made off from, PD Red was called in to help find the suspect.

The clever police dog soon picked up a track and found the suspect hiding behind a garden shed.

There’s no hiding from the nose of a police dog.

Well done PD Red!

5.PD Blodwen tracks runners

Running from the scene of any crime is not a good idea, especially when there is a police dog involved.

When occupants from both cars ran from a road traffic collision in Swansea, they were no match for PD Blodwen.

After some successful tracking, occupants from both vehicles were located, including a driver who failed a drug test.

Blodwen then enjoyed a well-deserved rest.

Great work Blodwen!

6.Burglar arrested thanks to PD Resi

After a large garden centre was broken into in West Yorkshire, PD Resi was brought in to help locate the suspect.

The offender had gotten in by smashing a window but after a lengthy search by Resi, he was located and arrested, but not before Resi’s ‘misunderstanding’ with a six-foot tall cardboard giraffe.

Fantastic job Resi!

7.Double trouble with PD Jax and PD Ted

After a pursuit of stolen vehicles, this adorable duo were on hand to assist their colleagues in catching the suspects involved.

PD Jax managed to detain two after a bit of Olympic fence hopping and all PD Ted had to do was show his teeth, the car thief then gave up instantly.

Great teamwork!

8.What a first shift for PD Hunter

It might have only been his first job as a police dog but PD Hunter was quick to show what he could do.

He assisted Gwent Police in Caerphilly as they located quantities of various controlled drugs as well as money.

What a great start PD Hunter!

9.PD Dax locates drugs in Bristol

More proof that a dog’s nose is invaluable when it comes to searching for evidence.

PD Dax located a large wrap of class A drugs hidden down the side of a sofa, a syringe of class A drugs and some cash at an address in Bristol. 

The address had already been previously searched.

Well done Dax!

10.All in a day’s work for PD Akira

PD Akira has been keeping busy in Derby after proving instrumental in a number of incidents.

Akira and handler were involved in locating and arresting a suspect wanted for domestic assault, before later locating a vulnerable missing adult.

It was then time for some well-deserved rest days.

Keep up the good work PD Akira!

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