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23 dogs searching for homes in Manchester

Nearly a dozen of the dogs came in as strays

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 51d ago

Nearly a dozen former stray dogs are among those who need help finding a new home in Manchester.

Welcoming a rescue dog into the family is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

When a dog realises they've got a home for life, there's nothing better than watching them come out of their shell and be the dog they were born to be.

Several dogs are currently waiting for homes across the region, and Manchester Dogs Home have 23 gorgeous canines ready and waiting.

Of the dogs waiting for homes, 11 were found roaming the streets as strays, while others were given up by their owners due to a change in circumstances.

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Each and every dog has different needs, from medical care for hip dysplasia or ear issues, to being fussy foodies or reactive. Some of the dogs can live with children, whilst others would prefer a home without little ones or other pets. Either way, the right home is out there for each and every dog, they've just got to find the person willing to take a chance on them.

Here are 23 handsome hounds and darling dogs looking for a home in Manchester.


Cane Corso cross Snowflake, was found as a stray before being taken in by Manchester Dogs Home.

Aged around two years old, the dog suffers with hip dysplasia, and may need ongoing medical treatment and hydrotherapy.

Manchester Dogs Home said: “Despite her health condition she is a very active and playful girl who is very strong so has been learning to walk on a halti.

“She also needs to learn some manners around other dogs as she thinks the best game of all is to pounce on them whether they like it or not!”

Snowflake will need an experienced owner and a household with no other pets or young children.


Big, bouncy Bobby is still a pup at just 18 months old, and has already lived at the rescue twice.

He was originally a stray and managed to find a home, but wound up back in rescue because things didn’t work out.

The charity says he is good around other dogs, but will need a ‘strong, experienced owner’.

They added: “Bobby needs a home where children are aged 16 years and over and who are fairly active.

“These photos don’t do justice to Bobby's size, he is quite a large and powerful boy and his training needs are considerable.”


Elderly resident Dave is 15 years old and ‘set in his ways’.

Writing on behalf of the frosty faced canine, Manchester Dogs Home said: “I know what I want from life and being told what to do and feeling forced into situations are not on that list.

“Taking my age into consideration, it’s understandable I can sometimes be startled by sudden movements and my space being invaded. Therefore, I am looking for a laid back retirement home where I can just be me.”

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Dave is hoping potential adopters won’t be put off by his age, because he still loves a squeaky ball and a good walk.

In his retirement, Dave doesn’t want many visitors or children - just somewhere to chill out and enjoy his golden years.

‘Dave’ added: “So, I’ll do you a deal. If you can provide me with the patience and understanding that I so long for and just let me by myself, I’ll return the favour with loyalty and affection. Who knows, I may even give you a kiss!”


Staffy cross Fudge is a real cutie, and arrived in rescue this April ‘due to no fault of his own’.

The five-year-old dog was quite nervous with rescue staff, who say it took a long time for him to trust them.

The dog's home said: “Fudge loves playing fetch, he can be quite snatchy with toys but this is easily trained out of him.

“He’s a happy little dog who just needs a home where he can get plenty of cuddles and someone to build his confidence.

“Fudge has shown signs of fear towards other dog’s and doesn’t seem to be socialised properly.”

Fudge isn’t a fan of cats, but would be able to live with children over 16.


Eleven-month-old American Bulldog cross Tigger has a bottom made out of springs, just like his Disney namesake.

He arrived in rescue as a stray, and is described as a ‘boisterous young boy’ who needs ongoing training.

Tigger is good with other dogs, albeit can be a little ‘over the top’, so would like to be an only dog.

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The charity added: “Tigger does become a little nervous of new people and new situations so his new owners would need to be committed to visit him several times before adoption.

"Tigger needs a new owner with experience of larger breeds, he is bigger than he looks, children would need to be 16 years old, no cats."


Gino has been in rescue for two months, and is looking for a family who is home a lot, as he suffers from separation anxiety.

The 11-month-old pup loves to play with other dogs, and will give lots of kisses and cuddles when he gets to know you.

Manchester Dogs Home said: “When Gino first came to us he was very nervous and was frightened of new people and the new environment.

“Gino has slowly come out of his shell, he is a lot more relaxed and loves greeting all of our staff members. He is still nervous of new people but it doesn't take long before he’s bouncing around like the crazy puppy he is!”


Matilda is a dog that wants to live life on her own terms - which means no picking up and cuddling.

Manchester Dogs Home have written her rehoming appeal for her, which states: “If you’re looking for something cute and cuddly, that you can scoop up and snuggle, then I’m not the dog for you.

“I’m looking for a patient and understanding owner who is willing to take one step at a time and help build my confidence.”

Matilda says she requires a big comfy bed and pile of blankets, teddy bears, tennis balls and squeaky toys.

She added: “But please remember, they are MY toys, not yours.

“Do you have a nice lawn? I like to laze in the sun with the green beneath my fur and stroll along the turf with the grass below my paws. Concrete is below my standards.”

A bit of a particular pooch, Matilda can be fussy about food, and definitely doesn’t enjoy being groomed, so would require visits to a professional groomer.

The eight-year-old dog is a bit of a ‘loner’ and would rather live without other pets, and very few visitors.


British bulldog cross Frankie suffers with breathing problems which may require surgery in the future.

The eight-year-old lady was taken to rescue for rehoming when her owners were no longer able to care for her.

She’s looking for a home with a nice, comfy sofa to curl up on, with a loving family with children over 16.

The charity added: “Due to her breathing problems Frankie can only go on short walks in cooler temperatures.

“Frankie is extremely affectionate and refuses to walk past anyone without getting a fuss!

“She is good with other dogs when out and about and loves greeting them with a waggy tail. There’s no words to describe how beautifully natured she really is!”


Originally a stray, Raff was rehomed, but sadly returned to rescue - so now he’s looking for a dedicated foster home.

The four-year-dog has some behavioural issues, so his potential new owners will need to be willing to work with him.

Manchester Dogs Home said: “Raff does have a few psychological/behavioural issues so in the first instance we will be looking for a foster home with a view to adoption. He needs an experienced owner who is willing to put in the time and work he needs.


Like Matilda, Zac has quite the wish list for his forever home, after being moved from one rescue to another during lockdown.

At 12 years of age, he’s looking for a quiet retirement home with few visitors, and no dogs or cats, as Zac can get quite stressed out.

He has his own bed, which he’s very fond of, and does enjoy a walk if it’s not raining.

‘Zac’ said: “ A little bit of outside space would be nice, just for the purpose of sniffing, last wee of the day, that kind of thing - grass preferred but not essential.

“Food? Tricky, maybe a bit of what you’re having? Foster carer makes me work for my food.

“I’ll bring some toys with me. My squeaky ball is my fave!”

Zac is a Chihuahua Jack Russell cross, and is looking for someone with a lot of patience who is willing to keep up his training.


Nicknamed ‘Happy Heidi’, this 10-month-old American Bulldog pup is a ‘playful and fun loving girl’.

She was found as a stray, and transferred from one rescue to Manchester Dogs Home for rehoming.

The rescue say she’ll make a great companion with the right owner, and could live with children over 14.

They added: “Heidi is a very active and powerful dog so will need an experienced owner as she requires further training and more socialisation with other dogs.”


Handsome Neville is a six-year-old Staffy who came to rescue as a nervous stray.

Whilst he can still be unsure of new situations and people, he is good with other dogs - that said, he’d prefer to be an only dog.

Manchester Dogs Home said: “Neville can still now be nervous of new situations and people, so his new owners would need to visit him a few times before taking him home to build up his confidence.

“He is strong on the lead and would require some training and socialisation.”

Neville is looking for a home with no cats, but could live with children over 16.


When her owner’s circumstances changed, Coco found herself at Manchester Dogs Home as they could no longer meet her needs.

The 18-month-old Staffy cross Rottweiler loves long walks, but would need some additional training.

The rescue said: “When she first came to us she was very nervous and the staff have worked with her to gain her trust.

“Coco is good with other dogs and she loves going for long walks, she is still young and would benefit from further training.”


Crossbreed Rover is a ‘bouncy boy’ who was given up by his owners due to their own ill health.

The playful lad enjoys a walk and has been good with other dogs whilst out and about.

The charity added: “Although generally he is a happy boy he does have a nervous side now and again because of this we are looking for a home with no children under 14 and no cats.”


An unclaimed stray, Wolfie has found themselves looking for a forever home. The 18-month-old Husky is typical of their breed - active, on the go, and ‘extremely vocal’.

For this reason, Manchester Dogs Home are looking for someone that’s owned Huskies before, with no children or other pets in the house.


Three-year-old Luna came to Manchester Dogs Home as a very frightened stray, and it took a while for staff to get her to come out of her shell.

They said: “She was extremely reactivate around dogs when she came into our care. The staff at Manchester have spent time with Luna socialising her around dogs and showing her everything isn’t that bad.

“We are after a home with an experienced owner who is willing to continue her socialisation around dogs. She will need further training and we are looking for a pet free home.

“Luna is very strong on the lead and will need ongoing training for this.”


‘Sweet’ Lurcher Ozzy loves a walk, and needs an active family to bring out his fun side.

The four-year-old dog came into rescue as a stray, but loves to be ‘by your side’.

The rescue said: “He enjoys being out on walks and has been good with the other dogs he has met here so far.

“Ozzy would suit an active family who can encourage the fun side out of him, build his confidence and give him a loving home.”


Pretty Petal is on the lookout for a quiet home with no children. She’s a three-year-old Mastiff cross who was originally found as a stray.

It’s believed that she has some social anxiety, and is hoping to find someone to help build her confidence up.

Manchester Dogs Home said: “Petal was very nervous when she came to The Dogs Home and was scared to interact at first. She has since come out of her shell but is still very jumpy and scared when there are loud noises or when she doesn’t feel safe.

“She is a loving girl and when she trusts you she will happily sit with you and have strokes and cuddles.”


Jazz is a loving little Staffy who adores giving cuddles and kisses, but she does have some medical issues.

The five-year-old arrived in rescue in June 2021, and has a problem with her ears which means she’ll be on and off medication for the rest of her life.

Jazz would be happy to live with children over 12, though she can be a bit excitable!

The charity said: “Jazz has always been super excitable with our staff members since the day she came in.

“She really enjoys her walks, with all her energy she could walk for miles! Jazz can be strong on the lead and does pull but with further lead training this can be managed.

“She loves meeting other dogs when out and about and enjoys going on joint walks. But she can’t always contain her excitement and this sometimes frightens other dogs.”


Tootsie can be a ‘bit of a handful’, but she’s only six months old and still learning.

She’s described as a ‘typical puppy’ who loves getting fussed by everyone, and playing with her teddies and squeaky toys.

The rescue added: “Tootsie is good with dogs but due to her being very young, her socialisation with other dogs will need to be continued.

“Although Tootsie is cute enough to break your heart, just like all other puppies, she can be a handful.

“She will need all her basic training, such as; commands, socialisation and toilet training.”


Timmy, also known as Timmy Tucker, is a one-year-old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell who was found as a stray.

Despite coming into rescue in ‘very poor condition’, with lots of TLC from staff, he’s now a ‘happy, playful and confident’ pup.

The rescue said: “He is very loving and affectionate and enjoys having cuddles and giving plenty of kisses.

“Timmy Tucker is good with other dogs and has many friends here at the home. He also loves playing with his toys and playing fetch. He enjoys going for walks and his tail never stops wagging.”


Staffy puppy Kobi is just nine months old, and arrived at the dogs home in July 2021.

The friendly lad loves meeting people and other dogs, and is described as ‘a very bouncy and boisterous boy’.

Manchester Dogs Home are hoping to find him a family that will take him to puppy training classes, and have a very secure garden - because he can jump very high!

He loves playing with his toys, and can live with children over the age of 16.


‘Affectionate’ Tommy is an easy going dog with ‘plenty of love to give’.

So far his stay at Manchester Dogs Home has been short, arriving on July 19.

The three-year-old cross breed loves cuddles, spending time with staff members, playing with toys and going for walks.

They said: “He walks very nicely on lead and is easy to walk on his own and with other dogs.

Tommy has met a lot of other dogs whilst in our care, he always greets them with a waggy tail and sometimes a bop on the head!

“He would benefit from regular visits to the groomer or lots of grooming at home due to his coat type.”

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