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8 more dog accounts to follow on TikTok

From talented dachshunds to adorable Great Danes

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 5 months ago ago

If you’re looking for something to boost your mood, take a look at these brilliant doggy TikTok accounts.

Last week Team Dogs shared eight dog TikTok accounts that we’ve been loving - and this week, we’ve got eight more for you!

Scrolling through videos of puppies is bound to cheer you up if you’ve been feeling down, and so, why not give these accounts a follow and flood your For You Page with adorable content.

From howling hounds to perfect pawty tricks - here are eight dog TikTok accounts to check out this week.


Two inseparable Staffordshire Bull Terriers who can be found snuggling in babygrows, and will do anything for peanut butter. The dogs, named Darren and Phillip, do a brilliant job of advocating for their breed. The duo live in Brisbane, Australia, and are the best of friends, as well as massive babies! Their videos are an instant pick-me-up.


Sergeant Fred is an 18 month old bloodhound with the longest, floppiest ears. His videos, captioned Sergeant Fred reporting for duty, show his hilarious daily antics. Though our favourite videos are the throwbacks to when Fred was a puppy, and hadn’t yet grown into his ears!


My Aussie Tribe features three fluffy Australian Shepherds and ‘one horse’ (Great Dane). The canine clan have racked up 247.2k followers, and more than 7.7 million likes on their videos. Django, Blu, Jäger and Banks take the best photos. They’ve been documenting their travels on Instagram for a while, too, but we love seeing their TikTok videos pop up on the For You Page. 


Jasper the Mini American Shepherd is such a smart pooch! His list of tricks is endless, from ‘Tell Me A Secret’, to ‘Bring Me A Kleenex’. His owner shares tutorials on how to teach your dog some of Jasper’s favourite tricks, as well as showing off his scent work, and his ‘day in the life videos’.


Harlso the ‘Balance King’ is a dachshund that can balance anything on his head! We mean it! Anything! He’s been known to balance a globe, a stack of pancakes, a pumpkin and even a glass of water. The Balancing Hound’s talent won him Social Media Personality of the Year, and a Webby Award. He even helped his human dad propose to his human mum by balancing the engagement ring on his head!


Ruby is an absolutely gorgeous, glossy red Doberman, who will do anything her owner tells her - from finding her collar, to taking a selfie. The well-trained hound completely dotes on her dad, and won’t complete a command if anyone other than Charles tells her! He also does a great job at promoting the breed and removing the stigma and stereotype around dobies.


The Snyder Zoo own three gorgeous European Great Danes and two cats. Charlie, Clyde and Cleo clearly rule the house, and the huge dogs are like having Shetland ponies in their front room. The sassy dogs love cuddles and attention, and often don’t realise their size when they’re jumping all over their owners on the sofa.


Ellie’s bio reads ‘CEO of aWoOoOoOoOoO’, and if you’re unsure what that means, you’ll only need to watch one of her videos to find out. Ellie loves to howl, but the funniest part of her videos is when her mum interrupts her vocals by shoving her finger into Ellie’s mouth! If she didn’t, who knows how long Ellie’s howls could ring out for!

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