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Adorable dachshund cleans floor using weiner brush in cute video

15-month-old Instagram star Honeydew wears floor cleaning accessory to ‘earn’ keep in hilarious reel

Tilly Alexander

Posted 2 months ago ago

Viral sensation Honeydew (Image: Instagram/honeydewthedachshund)

Dog lovers may remember little Honeydew from past videos where she tried melon for the first time, and barked at herself in the mirror during her morning routine.

With her blue eyes and unusual chocolate and cream coat, the purebred miniature longhaired dachshund is certainly hard to forget!

Now all grown up, the adorable scamp is back again and as a cute as ever in a new reel shared to her Instagram account, @honeydewthedachshund.

The sweet video, posted on Friday, June 25, shows now 15-month-old Honeydew sashaying across the floor while wearing a device called ‘The Weiner Cleaner’.

A jokey pinned comment from @hollyandhazelnut, the account for Honeydew’s older sisters Holly and Hazelnut – both also sausage dogs – reads: “You gotta earn your keep little one.”

Adorable pup Honeydew is the star of another video (Image: Instagram/honeydewthedachshund)

The post has so far racked up nearly 27,000 likes, with the majority of commenters finding it hilarious. 

Another dog account, @lifeofwinniethemini, for example, joked: “Maybe this is how I can help pay for rent.”

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A few followers, however, seemed concerned about the distinctive blue dapple sausage dog’s accessory, with one person writing, “I would think that would be bad for their backs!?”

However, while it’s true that dachshunds are more vulnerable to back issues like intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) due to their extended spines, little Honeydew is unlikely to have been affected by wearing the brush so briefly!

Honeydew’s Instagram account swiftly reassured the commenter that, “She only wore it for 30 seconds maximum, it wasn’t heavy or tight.”

The post’s caption includes a similar disclaimer: “She only wore the brush for 30 seconds maximum, it was not tight and she got many treats afterwards.”

Honeydew lives in Los Angeles, US, with owner Heather Bruegl.

The adorable pooch has a whopping 255,000 followers.

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