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Carry on canines: Why walk when you can ride?

Dog carriers can be stylish, as well as practical to save little legs

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There’s only so far a dog can go – and that’s when the dog bag comes into its own. From cute over-the-shoulder slings to full-on dog trolleys, there are many stylish ways to transport your canine companion.

After all, even the most eager, least complaining, always cheerful of dogs has a limited number of miles in their paws each day, and it’s never a good idea to push them further than they can go – this is particularly true for the smaller breeds, the sprinters and the young pups.

In fact, it’s best to limit exercise for dogs less than one year old and include lots of breaks so as not to put too much strain on bones that are still growing. Exactly how much daily exercise is enough varies between breeds so seek veterinary advice if you’re not sure.

Pet carriers also come in useful when entering shops, venues, friends’ homes or any place where you don’t want paws on the ground. Likewise, you may have an older dog that needs to be carried at times for respite or a dog that has an injury or physical disability.

So, what’s the best mode of carrier for your dog? 

It depends on you and your dog’s personal taste as well as size, weight and behaviour.

Try some of these for pet transport:

Grey tote

(credit: Pets At Home)

For small dogs weighing less than 7kg, how about this simple and very affordable grey tote? It is made of fabric and has a security clip for collars, with mesh panels for ventilation. It retails at £22 at Pets at Home.

The sling

(credit: Etsy)

This sling is made of soft cotton and allows your fur-baby to nestle in for extra security as well as looking great. It can be folded in different ways – worn shoulder to hip or in a criss-cross against your front to spread the weight more evenly. This one is £35.43 from Etsy.

Shoulder bag

(credit: Etsy)

For a sturdier, some might say more sporty-looking, design, try this durable synthetic leather and mesh shoulder travel bag on Etsy. It is machine washable and retails at about £20.


(credit: Pupluck)

There’s also many rucksack options – the traditional type with straps for you but where your dog can pop his head out the top, like this one from Pupluck. It can be worn front and back, comes in a range of colours, is made of breathable fabric and can be used for small, medium and even large dogs. It retails at about £50. 

Legs out

(credit: Etsy)

Then there’s the legs-out type of carrier. This harness secures your dog around the middle, leaving their paws free to waggle. Some can be worn front or back and look a bit like a pair of dungarees. This one from Londondogsclothes and available from Etsy, is worn on the front. It’s certainly eye-catching, and reviewers say their pets find it snug and comfortable, even if it might look a bit ungainly.

Expandable dog carrier

(credit: Siivton)

This traditional small dog carrier by Siivton is shaped like a sports bag and can be opened out to give your pet extra space when you’re away from home but want to keep them contained. It retails at about £34.

Dog stroller

(credit: Antopy)

Finally, this magnificent dog stroller or buggy will let you and your dog travel in comfort. No more tired arms from carrying your pet, this buggy has four wheels for a smooth ride, and the front wheels can rotate through 360 degrees. It can accommodate large dogs or even two smaller dogs at a time. It has breathable mosquito-proof netting to allow fresh air in and keep any pesky bugs out, and can be folded up and packed away when not in use. This beauty, by Antopy, retails at £195.99.

As the saying goes, why walk when you can ride? Happy travels with your dog.