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Dog drives big sister crazy with annoying habit of using her as chair

The adorable video has been viewed more than three million times on TikTok

Nia Dalton

Posted 12d ago

By Nia Dalton and Sophie Jackson

A golden retriever has been annoying his big sister with his hilarious habit for years – and he’s not going to stop any time soon.

The dog’s cheeky antics have been documented in a TikTok compilation, which has been viewed more than three million times.  

In the first video clip, a cute puppy called Finn sits on top of his big sister Layla’s head, who doesn’t react at all.

As Finn grows up, he continues to use his big sister as a furry chair and by the last video, Finn is far too large for it to be comfortable for Layla.

Despite them both being the same size at the end of the TikTok clip, Finn still acts just like he did when he was a puppy.

If Layla was irritated, you wouldn’t know, because she rarely retaliates – if anything, with only a growl.

(Image: TikTok/@goldengirl_xena)

In the living room, in the kitchen and on the bed, the video shows Finn using her as a comfy basket as he becomes larger.

In the closing shot, Finn is sitting on top of his sister with a big grin on his face, and Layla has a blank expression, as if she has given up trying.

The video has been captioned “If it fits, I will absolutely sits” on TikTok by user @goldengirl_xena and shared on the Daily Star

Many viewers have related to the battle for sibling dominance, with some dog lovers saying Finn needs to be trained out of his habit, and others believing Finn didn’t realise he was no longer a small puppy. 

One fan commented: “Goes from ok it’s cute, to dude you are way too old for this leave me alone, so I guess I have to live it.”

Another viewer resonated: “Sisters make the best chairs we can confirm.”

“Personal space? Never heard of it.” one person joked. 

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