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Dogs everywhere go crazy when owners watch this Tik Tok video

The video featured two adorable Rottweiler brothers

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

A video posted on Tik Tok has sent dogs everywhere into a frenzy.

Taking part in a viral challenge on the social media site, the video posted by @deuce_and_bubba shows two Rottweilers tilt their heads simultaneously to one side upon hearing the high-pitched sound of a squeaker toy.

And the adorable duo are not the only dogs to react in such a way, hundreds of people commented on the video with many sharing how their dogs had reacted when their owners watched the clip.

The video has since been viewed 1.4 million times with many other owners taking on the challenge.

Dogs tilt their heads when they hear a sound to alter the position of the ears. This helps them to try and work out where the sound is coming from.

It seems this was the case with this video, with many reporting their dogs were trying to search for the sound not realising it was coming from their owner’s phone.

One commented: “Lol I have a kennel and I just had 7 dogs tilt heads and walk over.”

A second wrote: “My dog was sleeping next to me. He just woke up and he’s looking all around the room!”

A third added: “LMAO! My pup can’t find the squeaker! She’s looking all over for it.”

Another commented: “Lol. Mine is sleeping on the sofa beside me and both his ears twitched.”

How does your dog respond to this sound when you watch the video?

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