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Dogtanian is back! This time on the big screen

Our favourite swashbuckling cartoon dog is off on another adventure

At Team Dogs we love cartoons and adventure stories almost as much as we love our pets - which means we’re hugely excited for Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds coming to cinemas later this month. 

Swashbuckling hound Dogtanian first found fame in the UK when the BBC aired the TV series in the mid-1980s, and now he and his companions Porthos, Athos and Aramis have been given the big-screen treatment.

(Credit: Apolo Films)

Dogtanian is an ambitious young swordsman who dreams of becoming a hero and joining the legendary Muskehounds in a cartoon version of 17th century France.  

After proving his skills and earning their trust, he and his three Muskehound buddies must defend the king from the villainous Cardinal Richelieu’s secret plot to seize power. 

(The baddie is France’s First Minister, Cardinal Richelieu - credit: Apolo Films)

While Dogtanian also has a mouse called Pip and a horse named Sandy as sidekicks, most of the characters are based on dogs and you’re sure to find a favourite. Even King Louis XIII of France and his queen Anne of Austria are turned into pups, and Dogtanian hopes to win the heart of the queen’s chambermaid Juliette. 

It’s a traditional good versus evil story, and if it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a retelling of the 18th century Alexandre Dumas French adventure novel The Three Musketeers - which is where we get the ‘One For All And All For One’ motto. 

(Dogtanian hopes to win the heart of Juliette, the queen’s chambermaid - credit: Apolo Films)

The trailer has just been released and shows that Dogtanian and co have lost none of their derring-do or silliness, which promises to be a fun watch for children and parents alike, even if you don’t remember the TV show or book. 

Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds is released by Apolo Films in the UK and Ireland on June 25, only in cinemas.