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Five tips for travelling with your dog

TV personality and vet Dr Scott Miller shares his advice

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

While booking a staycation means you can take the dog, it’s not quite as simple as getting them in the car and hitting the road - there’s a lot more to consider.

It means having an extra family member to pack for - toys, food, treats...who knew dogs needed so much stuff?

And although you won’t hear any moans of ‘are we there yet?’ from your furbaby, you will need to make sure they’re comfortable for the journey.

Offering his advice for those taking their dog on holiday, Dr Scott Miller, TV personality and resident vet for sustainable cat litter brand, Natusan, shared his top tips on how to travel with your pet safely and comfortably this summer.

Rachel Andre, Director of Natusan said: “Ensuring the safety and comfort of our pets is paramount - and is just as important as our own.

“By taking these five steps towards travelling safely with your pet - it will help to keep them calm whilst working to create a stress and hassle-free holiday.”

1.Plan ahead & check up on local vets 

Scott advises always booking your staycation well in advance. This allows you to research the pet-friendly facilities in the area as well as finding a local vet.

He said: “When you do settle on a staycation - be sure to look in advance at local vets in the area too - just to be prepared, and for peace of mind.”

2.Make sure to pack your puppy pads

Toilet training a puppy doesn’t stop when you go on holiday. And in some respects, it’s even more important as it’s not your home or your furniture they could potentially ruin.

Scott said: “If you are travelling with a pup, make sure to bring some puppy pads along with you. As this will help limit stains and damage to the property where you’re staying.”

3.Sort microchips and vaccinations in advance

Staying in an area that’s unfamiliar for you and your dog, you might not know where to look if they run off. 

Scott recommends making sure microchipping details are up to date so you can be located if the worst does happen.

“Before you set off on your staycation, make sure your dog’s microchip details are all up to date. We all know our adventurous dogs like to sniff about in the great outdoors - so it’s a good idea to get organised ahead of time,” said the This Morning vet.

“Also, make sure their vaccinations are sorted and up to date as an additional precaution. “

4.Get your companions car comfortable

If you are planning to drive to your destination, it’s important to get your dog comfortable with the car ahead of your trip. 

Scott advised: “Look to start bringing them along for a ride a couple of times a month as this will get them used to the motion of travelling in the car. Afterall, we don’t want any car-sick pets, or for them to feel any discomfort. 

“And if you do have concerns then speak to your vet - there are many options they can reach for when it comes to calming a travel anxious pet.”

He also advised making sure your dog is properly secured - for their safety and yours. 

He said: “The best way to do this is using a special dog seat belt. These come in the form of a small harness, making sure they are safely clipped in whilst also keeping them from distracting the driver. Alternatively, dog guards, pet carriers and dog cages also work effectively. “

5.Bring a little bit of home with you 

Scott said: “Encourage your canine to get comfortable in a new environment by bringing along their favourite toys and blankets. 

“The familiarisation and safe smells will help to acclimatise them. If you use a dog carrier, leave it out for a few nights with your pet’s favourite blanket inside so they can get used to it, and look to leave it open in the room so they have a space of their own to retreat to.”

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