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French Bulldogs crowned UK’s favourite dog breed

It's not hard to see why Frenchies are so popular (it’s the face)

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago ago

Spending more time at home in the last year than ever before, many of us have realised that we suddenly have time for that dog we’ve always yearned for.

And the breed of choice? The French Bulldog (fondly known as Frenchies).

Data collected by GoCompare found that the adorable flat-faced breed has become the UK’s most popular lockdown dog. In fact, smaller dogs in general have proved highly popular.

It was the big cities, including Liverpool, Manchester and Swansea, that saw much of the demand.

In close second was the Labrador retriever followed by Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds and Bulldogs.

It’s no surprise to hear that Cocker Spaniels made the list, they were also revealed as the UK’s most popular lockdown puppy.

Other breeds to make the top ten included Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Miniature Short-Haired Dachshunds, English Springer Spaniels, Border Collies and Golden Retriever

And while these breeds proved popular for would-be dog owners, it also put them at higher risk of theft.

With the rise in demand for certain dogs, this also led to a rise in thefts by those looking to cash-in on the situation. Something we just don’t want to imagine happening to our precious furbabies.

Sally Jaques, Pet Expert at Gocompare said: “Since spending more time at home in lockdown, the demand for pets has skyrocketed.

“While people have more time to spend with their pets at the moment, you also have to consider the long-term commitments of being a pet owner. For example, working from home will allow you to tend to your pets with more flexibility, but there will inevitably be more time constraints in a post-lockdown world, especially if you will be returning back to work outside the home.

“Another crucial consideration is the best type of breed to suit your lifestyle and your financial circumstances. Training your pets takes a lot of time and effort so you need to be committed to supporting your pet throughout their life. 

“We would always recommend researching the breed you are interested in and speak to other owners if possible. Make sure you understand the nature and personalities of different breeds and their unique needs in relation to what you can offer them.”

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