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Pawsitive af-fur-mations to do with your dog

Itch Insure have created the first ever pet affirmation audio experience

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

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Written by Bethan Shufflebotham

Half of pet owners want to discover more rewards and treats to enjoy with their dogs - so a pet insurance company has come up with a soothing experience that pooch and parent can take part in together.

Pet wellness experts Itch have created the first ever affirmations audio experience for pets and humans which combines soothing classical music with affirmations and meditation.

Affirmations refers to the practice of positive thinking and self empowerment - the belief a positive mental attitude can help achieve success and contentment. 

The audio experience has been curated to celebrate the launch of Itch Insure, pet insurance that rewards proactive pet care —giving pet parents discounts on their insurance for taking the best possible care of their pets with Itch’s range of parasite protection and pet wellbeing products. 

Created alongside animal behaviour and welfare expert, Dr Lauren Finka, and voiced by Oli Juste, dog trainer, behaviourist and Itch advisory panellist, it seems like the ideal way to relax after a ‘ruff day’.

Dr Lauren Finka said: “The idea behind this audio experience is for pet owners to take a few moments to enter into a calm, peaceful and positive mental state whilst near to their pets.

“Scientific research has shown that pets are sensitive to our tone of voice, body language and even facial expressions, and may therefore notice (and appreciate) the changes in our behaviour that the relaxation practice using this track will bring. 

“Studies also suggest that just like in humans, classical music can have a calming and relaxing impact on cats and dogs. 

“Additionally, positive verbal praise from owners has been found to stimulate the ‘reward’ parts of dogs’ brains. Therefore, as well as encouraging us humans to relax, the music and affirmations selected for the audio track are also designed to have a directly positive, calming impact on your pet.”

Research from Itch found that over two thirds (67%) of pet owners see their pets as much a part of the family as siblings, children and parents. And 35% also say that they often go above and beyond to ensure their pet is as happy and healthy as can be.

Yet just over half (57%) of Brits say they have pet insurance, leaving 43% of pet owners and pets at risk should anything happen to their fluffy friends.

Itch also found ‘anxiety and stress’ are the most reported pet health conditions by owners when signing-up to an Itch subscription, as well as one of the top causes of current concerns by pet owners (23%). 

Around 44% of those who took the survey said their pets are one of their biggest concerns in life, more than their finances (40%) or even their job (17%). 

The audio track places a focus firmly on pet health and wellbeing and features positive reinforcement for both human and animal. 

Andrew Pinnington, CEO at Itch, said: “It’s great to see that pet health and wellbeing is at the top of the agenda for pet owners. As well as the reward that cat and dog owners receive from having a healthy and happy pet in their lives, we think they should also be rewarded for taking the best possible care of their pets, and that’s exactly what Itch Insure is all about.

“As a member of Itch, you’re taking a proactive approach to pet care by protecting your pet against fleas, ticks, lice, and worms, as well as common pet health concerns such as ear infections and dental issues. We think this deserves great savings on your insurance, as healthy pets take less trips to the vets.” 

To listen to the pet af-fur-mations and for tips on setting the experience up, visit The Itch website. 

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