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Saying goodbye to PD Will - Heroic police dog crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Will had quite the career, even keeping the Royal family safe


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Our police dogs are real heroes. We’re constantly in awe of their heroic duties.

Not only do they catch criminals and hunt for vital evidence, but they also help to keep us safe.

One dog who’s spent years doing just that is PD Will.

But this courageous police dog has now grown his angel wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Retired from the force, PD Will continued to live with his handler into retirement but has now sadly died.

PD Will didn’t have the best start in life having found himself unwanted in a rescue centre. 

He was 14-months-old at the time and had been kicked out by his owner. He was due to be euthanised as the rescue were unable to find him a home.

But the Cheshire and North Wales dog section saw something special in this adorable pooch and rehomed him as a bomb detection dog.

He completed an eight-week initial explosive search course, which his handler Jason Lennox said he ‘sailed through’.

And his illustrious career not only involved protecting members of the public, but he also played a role in keeping the royal family safe, as well as members of the Government.

Handler Jason said: “Throughout his working life he was deployed in force on numerous royal visits ensuring that all venues or areas to be visited were safe and no threats existed for the visiting party/s. 

“These included visits to Chester Racecourse for Polo matches, The Cheshire Show and numerous other events with royal visitors. 

“For each high-profile visit the explosive search dogs were deployed to ensure a high level of assurance existed and ensured the safety of the visit.”

PD Will was even chosen to search the royal yacht when the queen undertook the jubilee tour of the country.

Although Jason added: “His unprovoked attack on a stuffed “Corgi” dog toy on the royal bed did send the staff into a bit of a tizz.”

PD Will also conducted searches at Royal Wootton Bassett prior to the repatriation of British troops killed in operations in Afghanistan.

And he’s worked at some pretty high-profile events too with his career boasting an assignment at the Olympics.

Jason told us: “As a team we deployed to the Olympics where he rose to legendary status in the explosive search world with the photo of us on the 100m running track! 

“We did receive a bit of a ‘talking to’ for the photo but it was well worth it for the memory. 

“The event is still talked about now by handlers who remember it and those that have just learned of it.”

But after such an eventful career, poor Will started to lose his hearing which then led to him having to retire from the force at nine-years-old.

“He then became a family pet but still loved coming to work with the others and was more than happy to show them how it was done,” said Jason.

Remembering his beloved furry friend, Jason said: “A fantastic dog both on and off duty, a true gent of a dog with a huge heart and a dog that I have been incredibly honoured and privileged to not only to work, but to have in my life. 

“A dog that everyone loved and a dog that will always be missed.

“As an Instructor I was always immensely proud of how he performed and he never let me down.”

Sadly, Will developed cancer, a battle he could not win. He died on April 10 at the age of 13.

Jason described him as his ‘faithful best friend’.

A tweet posted by @ChNWPoliceDogs read: “Today we report the passing of retired PD Will. He was found in a rehoming centre & became a bomb search dog. Ensuring the safety of the Royal family & Government. He also worked at events such as the Olympics. He stayed with his handler in retirement. Thank you for your service rainbow”

Many took to Twitter to offer their condolences.

One wrote: “Awww, what a special dog!!! He sure rose to the occasion when he came from the rehoming place.  I am sure he will be missed.  Prayers for all who are missing sweet Will!!!”

A second commented: “Sad news.  RIP RPD Will. Thoughts with handler, family and all those who knew him.”

“A gold medal life for a very deserving service champion. My condolences to his handler. Rest easy good dog,” said another.

Sleep well, PD Will. A true hero!

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