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We bought the personalised dog socks that are totally bonkers

And this is what we thought

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago ago

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I am no stranger to personalised pooch parent products. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me two giant cushions of my dogs’ faces, and yes, my 2021 calendar features 12 different photos of my beloved American Bulldogs. 

I have scrunchies that match their bandannas and bow ties, and a t-shirt with their faces on.

But are these socks a step too far? Pardon the pun.

Sold on Etsy by Pinewayart, this personalised pair of socks could make a quirky gift for a dog-obsessed friend or family member.

Upon ordering, you can pick between sizes small, medium and large depending on your shoe size - for reference, I’m a size 5 and ordered the small.

You’re then able to select a colour from blue, pink, green, white, orange, yellow, red and black. Thinking practically, I thought white would be the most wearable colour to choose - or at least as wearable as socks with your dogs’ faces on can be.

Four days after hitting pay now for the £11.99 purchase, I received an email from Pinewayart asking me to share the image I’d like printing on the socks. I sent them Phoebe and Frank’s best ‘album cover’ photograph, which seller Billy said was ‘perfect’.

The following day, they were dispatched and they arrived through my letterbox three days later.

Made of ‘super soft polyester’ the socks really are soft to the touch. But the other claim made is that they’re ‘sweat-wicking’, which means that the fabric quickly moves sweat to the outer surface of the sock, and they’re much quicker to dry - in other words, they’re good for summer.

Printed with environmentally friendly ink, the design features Phoebe and Frank’s faces amidst bones and paw prints, with a black toe and heel. They look great off, but when they’re on your feet, things go a tiny bit pear-shaped. 

As the socks stretch over your feet, the design does distort slightly, but mostly around the ankle joint where the socks naturally wrinkle. From far away, I don’t think you’d be able to make out the design (whether that’s a good or a bad thing, you can decide).

Upon presentation to the pooches, there was much to be sniffed - they were clearly intrigued by the novelty design, but did quickly lose interest. 

To conclude, these socks are definitely more comfort over style, but pet-obsessed parents will adore them as a fun, novelty gift. They may get some strange looks, and they’re certainly a conversation starter - but we shamelessly love our dogs and anything with their faces on them, right?

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