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We tried out B&M’s pet cooling products

The affordable range has prices starting from £2

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago ago

As temperatures start to soar, dog owners across the UK go into meltdown in a bid to keep their pups from sweltering in the heat. That task can be made all the more difficult by sun worshipping dogs who won’t get off the sun lounger for love nor money - or should I say treats nor tummy rubs?

Keeping your dogs cool in the sizzling heat is really important to help prevent heatstroke, which can prove fatal in minutes. You can find some tips about what to do if you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke here.

But B&M has delivered once again with an affordable selection of pet cooling products in its Chill Paws range, with prices from as little as £2.

TeamDogs product testers Phoebe and Frank have been putting some of the products through their paces - and there was a clear favourite!

Here is what we thought of the cooling products available at B&M. But be quick, because as the mercury continues to rise, the shelves will be stripped bare fast!

Dog Cooling Bandanna - £2

Just because your dog needs to stay cool, it doesn’t mean they can’t look cool whilst doing so! These dog cooling bandannas come in pink and blue, and are available in small, medium and large. 

Phoebe and Frank have necks between 16-20” and we opted for the large, which is an ideal fit. There is some stretch in them too - and we love the tie-dye pattern!

To keep your dog cool, run the bandanna under the cold water tap until saturated, and then tie around your dog’s neck. 

These are pawfect for keeping them cool on their walk (which should be early morning or in the evening during hot spells), or whilst they’re playing in the garden.

Dog Cooling Collar - £2.50

On a similar note, these cooling dog collars are also a great buy for hot doggos! The blue collars also come in three sizes, and have a generous amount of velcro so you can adjust it to the right size. Again, we went for a large and they fit both dogs comfortably.

The ‘antibacterial’ collar contains a ‘safe and non-toxic gel’ which immediately cools your dog. If you apply light pressure to the collar, you can feel the cooling gel inside.

These can be worn in conjunction with the bandannas for a double-whammy approach.

Pet Cooling Bowl - £2

This innovative bowl keeps your dog’s drink colder for longer - now, where can I get one for my wine?

You have to unscrew the cap and fill the hollow between the bowl with water before placing it in the freezer. Once frozen, you can fill the bowl with water as usual, and the ice inside will keep it nice and cold! Frank will be very pleased with this purchase as the spoiled pup refuses to drink room-temperature tap water. 

Ice Cream Dog Cooling Toy - £2.50

After filling up your new cooling bowl, you can also fill these Ice Cream Dog Cooling Toys, which come in the shape of a Twister or a 99. 

Squeeze the air out of the rubbery toy and submerge in water to fill, then pop them in the freezer hole-side-up and wait for the magic to happen. I recommend putting the toys inside the cooling bowl to avoid any spills in the freezer. 

When the water turns to ice, you can give the toy to your dog to help cool their mouth! This is also a really good tool for any teething puppies.

Pet Cooling Fruit Mat - £5

Much like the cooling collars, this cooling fruit mat automatically cools when your pet sits on it! It’s available in watermelon, orange, kiwi and lemon designs, and is around 60cm in diameter. 

B&M said it can ‘also help with allergies, heat stroke, skin conditions and post-surgery’, so it doesn’t need to be put away even if the sun disappears!

Phoebe and Frank both really like this mat - particularly Frank who isn’t a huge fan of the heat like Phoebe is. And if you’re sitting in the garden with your dogs, it’s really nice and cool to put your own feet on too!

Pet Sun Shelter - £10

This little pop up tent is a great size for dogs and will help them find a bit of shade in the garden.

The tent is £10 and comes in blue or green, and comes complete with a bag and pegs.

It was really easy to pop up, standing at around 90cm x by 70cm, which means the cooling fruit mat fits perfectly inside.

The bag it folds back into is only around 30cm, so would be ideal for taking on holiday so it can be used on the beach or at campsites to provide shelter from the sun. 

Pet Water Fountain - £8

The Pet Water Fountain provided the most fun for Phoebe and Frank - and was very effective in cooling them down.

The pedal comes with an adapter to affix your hose to the fountain, as well as a protective cap.

Screw on your hose then turn on the water and you’ll be afforded hours of entertainment whilst keeping your dogs cool and hydrated.

We tried teaching Phoebe and Frank to press the pedal to spray the water themselves, but they preferred us humans to press it for them so they could concentrate on catching the bursts of water in the air. 

If they’re not drinking the water from the fountain, it lands on their fur and helps keep them cool. It was by far our favourite product from the range!

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