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Ceri Thom

Ceri Thom

Or a bit hot today Mam

I’m just going to stand in here for a while if you don’t mind
Ceri Thom
Tom in his special Sunday place meeting other delicious doggies and horses in Richmond Parkand Stag Lodge Stables
Ceri Thom

Sleepover superintendent

The pup is helping keep watch over our sleepover little ones. The only way I could stop the bedtime tears is if I promised ‘Tommy Dog’ as they...(read more)
Ceri Thom

Bespoke furniture

So pleased we designed the living room around the perfect angle of head resting for our doggo. Ahem!! Spoiled or what??
Ceri Thom

My best friend’s furry best friend with her bestie

In honour of best friend’s day, I share this pic of my pal’s bull terrier Betty with her bestie Bruno